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sbobet online through the popular majority

Sbobet online through the popular majority

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04:57, 2015-Oct-21
carny sbobet
Louis van Hal Holland coach said to sbobet not even feel sorry for the national team's defeat to Argentina in a penalty shootout. I still believe that the team is fantastic. But it was secretly complain that reserve goalkeeper Tim Krul could to help the team down the field during the penalty shootout.
Holland national team revealed sbobet hope to make the finals again this year. After four years ago when it passed the finals, but lost to the Spanish national team to go 1-0 in extra time.
"Our team played a great World Cup yet. It's nothing to be sorry, "Louis van Hal's feelings after the game through the medium of
"Before, nobody would believe that we will come to do this, and I believe we Argentina seems to me it's the ultimate. But actually doing so. What has not been completed ".
"Now I am playing the World Cup. And when it is finished I am confident that we will soon know it. "
"This first week we are still in the football world when completed it will have to disclose what before".
"Now we can not say anything really."
Toni Kroos likely to sign with Real Madrid already. Previously, Lothar Portsmouth Brackley former captain of the German World Championship Series 1990 issued congratulations on this decision in the News Media sbobet blessed to kick the younger generation doing a great job. In his new club Real Madrid with.
Toni Kroos has been anticipated as one of the players that have won the Golden Ball award, or a World Cup.


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04:51, 2015-Oct-21
catny sbobet
David Louis quarterback with a head full Brazilian national team's World Cup sbobet that it intends to offer Neymar Brazil national team. And believes that the only world champion to console a dear friend from Barcelona, has also urged Brazilians to help cheer with a lot yet. Because the players are very strong.
The report sbobet Barcelona striker received injuries after they hit Juan Zuniga Barcelona star player with Serbia has been thrust into the injury and had to say goodbye to his teammates in the World Cup already.
"Samba," Brazil that has been said through a team plays as a team is not good enough. And often live You can only take it so well that David Luis, now that Brazil is ready to win the World Championship, the World Cup of Russia. It is a great opportunity to win a sixth period. "
The analysis of the Samba team sbobet by Germans expelled from the national team at home to 7-1 and is considered a landslide defeat, most of them in ten years.
Planning of Louis defenseman Felipe Scolari has been blamed for more than inappropriate. And open exchange with the German national team who are truly form their downfall.
Brazil national team Choose to open play into German. Early in the game But he quickly by sculptor Thomas Muller pioneered a fan of the German national team. It became a turning point Because they have to move away to score the equalizer but also the German national team to return immediately after the game, making sbobet see the sadness of the defeat to Brazil, it says.